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Restore Me Clinic

Welcome to Restore Me Clinic

 A practice that uses Therapeutic Clinical Massage, Bowen and Reiki

in outcome focused treatments to support the whole person;

Mind, Body and Spirit. 


The aim is simple:

Support you on your journey through life's many ups and downs.

 Work together to enhance quality of the life you live while reducing the symptoms of pain, tension and stress.

So you feel empowered, enabled and energized rather than overwhelmed and drained.


We are all unique individuals.  

Our needs differ from person to person and

from moment to moment. 


I love making a difference, with this in mind, I believe in the need to communicate and collaborate,

to actively listen and work together with the focus centred wholly on you and your needs today.


Every session will garner results.

More substantial results are felt when the cumulative benefit of systematic regular sessions are incorporated into active lifestyles.



How may I be of Service?

Do you have a specific Issue or Concern?


Do you want a series of sessions that are aimed at addressing specific concerns such as rehabilitation post surgery, managing stress or chronic Pain? 


Or do you want a series of sessions that aims to support you in living with debilitating chronic conditions? 


Learn more about the benefits of different treatment styles and how they can be support you in living your life to the fullest.


Are you looking for a specific Treatment Style or Type?


Are you looking for a specific style of therapy or to gain a new experience by trying a particular style of treatment?


Or do you want to be able to fully enjoy those unique and special moments - such as being a new mother to be or as a new parent, with a little bit of de-stressing and relaxation?


Learn about the different treatments and therapies offered, what they are and who is likely to benefit the most from them. 


Not Sure ? Get in touch - we are more than happy to help you find the treatments best suited to your needs.


speak to  Mina


Text: 07717 574237

Or use our contact form



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